Common crawlspace problems in NWA

Many things in your crawlspace go unnoticed over the years…after all, who wants to crawl around under a house?

As Moisture Company spends our time crawling around in crawlspaces all over Northwest Arkansas, we run into some fairly common issues as we work.

Although we are focused on vapor barrier/encapsulation installation, our job is only complete if we’ve done everything we can to help your house get into better shape. Often, we spot major problems that are indicative of bigger issues.

We make sure to document these problems and let the owner of the house know!

Here are some of the issues that we run into:

Mold & Fungus

If you’re getting a vapor barrier installed, chances are you already know you have a moisture problem in your crawlspace (either that, or you’re being proactive!)

If you have a moisture problem in your crawlspace…you almost certainly have mold or some sort of fungal spores down there. We see mold in nearly all the crawlspaces we’re working on.

Your crawlspace is the perfect Petri dish for growing mold: it’s cool, dark, and damp. Whether it’s white mold (which can look a little like flour dust) or black mold (which can look like little black spikes) this is one of the most common problems we run into.

Musty Smells

Does your house sometimes smell musty? Often this comes from your crawlspace.

As a matter of fact, we’ve started work on musty-smelling crawlspaces in NWA before, and by the time we’ve finished installation of the vapor barrier on the second day, it already smells better! Preventing moisture seeping upwards from the ground is important, and indicates that you’re preventing a major problem in the future.

Insects, Spiders, & Other Critters

There isn’t a house in the world that doesn’t have some bugs underneath, but some houses have bigger problems than others. It doesn’t even matter if you spray/treat your house regularly…those things will end up there.

Although every crawlspace is going to have spiderwebs…some places are really bad. If we find spider nests, rat trails, or the carcasses of various small mammals, we’ll be sure to let you know. Might be time to call pest control!


If we ever find termite tunnels underneath your house, this is first on our list to tell you about! We usually try to snap a picture and let you know so that you can take care of it immediately.

Water leaks & damage

Sometimes, pipes will be damaged or broken underneath the house, leaking into the ground. We’ll often find holes that have been eroded into the ground in the crawlspace.

Since you don’t want water draining in your crawlspace, we’ll be sure to take a photo of this damage so that you can send it to your plumber and get your pipes taken care of.


Sometimes there’s just a whole lot of junk underneath houses. We clear this out as part of our project (we can’t install vapor barriers with it still there!) and can stack it anywhere on your property that you request.

Some of the interesting things we’ve found underneath houses:

  • Frog giggers
  • Car doors
  • Coat racks
  • Rat skeletons
  • Retro yard signs
  • Copier machines