How much can a vapor barrier save on your energy bill?

Arkansas is known for its humidity – and that humidity can cause some miserable summers and miserable winters, especially if you don’t live in a well-insulated house.

Because of the high humidity in Arkansas, people tend to over-cool and over-heat their houses to reach the same level of comfort as a lower-humidity area would have.

As we have installed many vapor barriers in Northwest Arkansas, we’ve taken many moisture readings with our hygrometers and discovered that the vast majority of houses that we work on have super high humidity that is seeping through the floors into living spaces.

By installing a vapor barrier, our customers see drastic reductions in their energy bills…within a matter of weeks!

That’s because, without a vapor barrier, your crawlspace is basically “the outside”. It’s hot and humid down there in the summer, and it’s cold and humid down there in the winter. Even with fiberglass insulation in your floor joists, that humidity seeps into your house, and your A/C seeps into the crawlspace. The vapor barrier essentially captures that dry A/C air from leaving the crawlspace, and prevents additional moisture from getting in.

The average cost savings by installing a vapor barrier in Arkansas is 15-25% on heating and cooling costs. That’s a significant amount.

An organization did a study on home insulation in a new development of small tract houses, and found that identical 1200 sq ft homes with vapor barriers saved an estimated $42 per month just by having the vapor barrier installed (and these were small houses, so a large 2400+ sq ft house would save an estimated $84 or more per month).

This means that a vapor barrier for a 1200 sq ft house would save an average of $504 a year in energy costs, or a total of $15,120 over the course of a 30 year mortgage.

This doesn’t even take into account the cost benefits of preventing mold, rot, and other moisture-related ailments to a house.

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